Digital technology is running fast and disrupting sports as well. One of the latests news in this area is that Wimbledon is including enhanced AI-powered automated video highlights and building an app for tennis-lovers in countries with lower bandwidth so no one misses out.

Times for sport tech companies in Europe are quite exciting now, with sports organisations hosting tech events, and applying tech to find solutions in their everyday business. Is a new era in sports coming? And how is technology disrupting sport?

We talked to Timothee Deschamps, Managing Director from Colosseum Sport Israel, and tried to get some of the answers. The opportunity for this conversation came with Colosseum Sport Tech Program that is happening in collaboration with Science Technology Park Belgrade in the next few months.

Some of the questions on which we tried to get answers are:

  • What are the challenges faced by sport today?
  • What are potential disruptions of traditional sports landscape through technology?
  • Why is sport a specific industry to be tech disrupted?
  • In which areas are Sport Tech startups developing their products?
  • What is a quantified athlete – and is it an athlete of the future?

So listen and stay tuned for new episodes of Protok podcast.

Timothee Deschamps Sport Tech